Clay Lord, Copy Editing, Writing and Proofreading Services

My Editing Process

My editing process begins with an initial review of your document to determine the total cost and the number of days it will take me to finish the project. Since invoicing and payment are handled through, I also need to receive the email address associated with your Paypal account before I start work. Once you have emailed me with your agreement to the price and terms, as well as your Paypal address, I will begin editing your manuscript right away.

I edit your document in Microsoft Word, and use Word’s Track Changes functionality to mark up your document, write Comments and questions, and show you all of the edits and suggestions I have made. My use of Track Changes also allows you to accept or reject each individual change when you review the completed revisions.

When the revisions are complete, I will send you an invoice through, which you will also use to send me your payment. When I receive notification from Paypal that payment has been made, I will email the edited document to you, complete with any notes I have made during the editing process. I welcome clients to email me with any questions they may have regarding the revisions and editing choices I have made.