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How to Guides for Authors
from Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

The website for Emerald Group Publishing contains a Complete Guide for Authors []. This special section of Emerald’s site includes nearly two dozen how to articles to assist aspiring and experienced journal authors in improving the quality (as well as the publishability) of the manuscripts they submit for publication consideration.

For your convenience in accessing all of these articles from a single list, direct links to 23 how to articles on Emerald’s site appear below.

Impact Resources

Access to the Impact Resources below is limited to Emerald subscribers only.

About Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Emerald is a global publisher boasting a portfolio of more than 2,000 books and book series and nearly 300 journals. Emerald reports that more than 100,000 authors have had their work published by Emerald since 1994. You can find a complete list of Emerald journals here.