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Articles: How to Get Your Paper Published in an Academic Journal

Here is a series of articles on topics such as how to increase your chances for publication, how to choose and work with a professional editor, how to choose the right journal for submission, and how to catch common writing errors and fix them yourself. Links to these articles and descriptions of each appear below.

How to Choose an Editing Service and What to Look for in a Professional Editor

What is the best way to select a professional editor to revise your paper, and what characteristics should you look for in that person? These tips can help you make the right choice.

How to Choose the Right Journal to Publish Your Article

All of your research and writing efforts may come to nothing if you cannot find the right journal to publish your work. This article presents key decision factors with a practical selection process, step by step.

Online Journal Selection Tools

By entering the abstract of your paper on journal finder websites, you can easily generate a list of appropriate journals for your article based on subject matter, journal impact, and more. This article discusses selection tool functionality and provides direct links for each.

What are the Chances that Our Paper Can Get Published?

This article describes the submission review process for a typical Emerald journal, as well as the percentage of papers that advance to the each stage and finally get published.

Increase Your Chances for Publication:

How to Avoid Rejection during the Editing and Review Process
Even if you’ve been published in many journals previously, your paper will be edited and reviewed in several distinct stages by editors and peers. Learn why many papers are rejected or withdrawn during the early review stages, and what actions you can take to avoid rejection of your paper.

Emerald’s How to Guides for Authors

Emerald Group Publishing offers 23 how to articles to help aspiring and experienced journal authors to improve the quality and publishability of their drafts prior to submission. This page includes direct links to these articles on Emerald’s site.

Interviews with Editors of Emerald Journals

From Emerald’s Meet the Editor series, the editors of Emerald journals discuss emerging topics in their fields, the aims and objectives of their journals, and how to increase your chances of publication in their journals. This page includes direct links to 45 Editor interviews on Emerald’s website.

The Most Common Writing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Over the years, as a professional editor who has revised hundreds of scholarly articles, I have taken notice of some of the most common errors in grammar, usage and syntax in my clients’ papers. Eliminating the mistakes found here can take your manuscript one step closer to publication.

Spelling Differences—US vs UK English

At a minimum, there are hundreds of spelling differences between British and American English. Whether your target journal uses US or UK spellings, this guide covers most of the rule-based differences, in addition to some notable exceptions.