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Client Testimonials

Below are some unsolicited comments from clients who took the time to write to me and express their complete satisfaction with my editing work. As you can see below, I have worked with EFL scholars from all over the globe, with different levels of English proficiency, writing on a wide variety of complex academic subjects.

Topic: Interpersonal relationships and their effects on consumption

I wanted to express my gratitude to you! Thank you for being a meticulous and dependable co-worker! I like the fact that I can trust you with your work, not only on the quality aspect, but also on the aspect of time!

I also want to sincerely appreciate the fact that on my request, you also added a lot of value to extra parts of my submission, which you did not have factored in your pricing initially. Thank you for your conscientiousness!

Country: India

Target Publication: European Journal of Marketing

* * * * *

Topic: Wine marketing and brand image

I have just checked the paper and I would like to say to you: Thank you very much for your efforts and exhaustive revision. You have made a fantastic editing service!!! We will keep in touch for further collaborations.

Country: Spain

Target Publication: British Food Journal

* * * * *

Topic: Technology Management—The dynamic, interaction-driven approach to IT strategy

Thanks for your detailed review – the quality of the article has been greatly improved! You did a great job and I will revert to you in future when I have the need for proof reading!

Country: Denmark

Target Publication: International Journal of Business Environment

* * * * *

Topic: Marketing—Brand extension strategies for eco-friendly products

I really appreciate your professional revision on my chapter two. I have checked part of the edition and I was extremely happy with that. It was great job. I hope we can cooperate in my future researches.

Country: Malaysia

Target Publication: Book Chapter

* * * * *

Topic: Business—Impact of corporate governance disclosure on stock prices

Thanks for your wonderful job. Look forward to cooperate with you again.

Country: United Arab Emirates

Target Publication: Corporate Governance

* * * * *

Topic: Consumer Behavior—Emotions, product evaluations, and consumer loyalty

Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful editing service.

Country: China

* * * * *

Topic: Business Management—Internet-enabled internationalization (IEI)

Thank you for a job well done. Your effort has really improved the final result, which has now been submitted.

Country: Denmark

Target Publication: Proceedings of the International Management Development Association (IMDA)